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August 13, 2018; Status Update

Email to UAA members, also posted on Facebook

Congratulations! We are making progress. With your support we’ve surpassed the 1,000 signatures milestone on the Save NYC Softball petition and some permits are being released (but not all). 

Let’s continue putting pressure on Parks Commissioner Silver and City Council representatives by signing the petition and sending emails asking for a moratorium and a meeting to discuss new applications displacing long-standing leagues with last minute changes. We need to hear their justification for this unexplained, unprecedented misinterpretation of the so-called “new rules." The fight is not over. We need to keep the pressure on to obtain the rest of our fall permits.

The Manhattan permit office is attempting to repeat what they did in the spring, removing time (in some cases, weeks) from some fields, and eliminating the availability of other fields all season long.

We must stop this now to protect spring, summer (and fall) 2019 and all future seasons. Please ask your players to support softball, baseball and access to park facilities for all New Yorkers and sign our petition today. If we keep the pressure up, we will win!

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UAA Members

The following softball and baseball organizations are active members of the United Athletic Association and are committed to the interests of the baseball and softball players in NYC:

Open Letter to UAA Members

Have you lost permits? Has the parks department taken away permits claiming that youth leagues need time? Have you received a notice about the allocation of fall permits that jeopardizes your ability to provide softball and baseball leagues to your players starting this fall?

We have verified that the Manhattan permit office staff transferred permits from adult softball leagues to adult kickball under the pretense that the permits were needed for a youth league, East Harlem Little League, which played the last game of its season on Saturday, June 16 and never plays on weeknights. Now we know that they plan to extend their policy of denying softball permits to expand adult rugby, soccer and Ultimate Frisbee leagues under the same false premise. According to new rules and regulations just announced, baseball and softball are no longer fall sports, but frisbee is.

Click to read the full text of our Open Letter to UAA Members.

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