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We Are Making Progress!

We are happy announce that we’ve achieved a small victory in our struggle with the Parks Department by getting them to keep the Morningside Park fields in service.

We are now asking the Parks Department to reconsider their decision to close the DeWitt Clinton fields this spring/summer season and delay reconstruction until the fall, because the spring and summer seasons are the busiest time of the year for recreational sports in our city.

Parks postponed construction on at least two fields to allow PSAL to complete their season, which began in March. We presented that fact to them and asked why Little League and adult leagues can’t also play. With a little prodding they issued some permits for Dewitt allowing leagues to start the season but ending access to the fields abruptly and not offering any replacement fields. Like the fields in Morningside, these fields are not in dire need of repair and reconstruction.

We need them to delay the construction on DeWitt Clinton until the fall season. Having one of the few, and heavily used, midtown fields in Manhattan closed during the summer makes absolutely no sense. Please help us help you by signing the petition to preserve access to our ballfields, and ask your friends and teammates to sign it too!

We are committed to fighting for your access to the ballfields and for all New Yorkers to be able to enjoy the tax-supported resources of the City. Thank you for your support.

Manhattan Synthetic Turf Field Reconstruction

YSA received the following information via email from NYC Parks regarding reconstruction at ballfields:

Thank you for your interest in New York City Parks and the Manhattan Synthetic Turf Field Reconstruction project.

We are happy to announce this project is in the Procurement phase with an expected completion date of March 2019. Afterwards it will enter the Construction phase which takes 12-18 months to complete.

At this time a completion date for the three sites has not been established. It will be once the Procurement phase is completed.

You can obtain a copy of the project design by submitting a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request. A FOIL request is a request to obtain records/documents from government agencies. Records that are determined to be responsive and disclosable are, to the extent possible, made available within twenty (20) business days after receipt of your request.

For more information on how we build at  Parks please visit:

If you'd like to track this project further, please continue to visit our Capital Tracker page:

We hope this has been helpful to you!

Play Fair LogoNew Yorkers for Parks Play Fair Campaign

About Play Fair

Play Fair is a new multi-year advocacy campaign for parks leading up to the Mayoral election in 2021. In 2019, we are kicking off the Play Fair campaign by focusing on a significant increase to the expense budget for the Parks Department, which would “baseline,” or secure, funding for much-needed maintenance, gardener and park worker positions in the City budget. 

Over the years, many parks advocates have asserted that ongoing maintenance is critical to the well-being of our parks and that recent capital investments by the City MUST be accompanied by investing in the  “infrastructure of people” to care for these parks. Investing in greenspaces also improves air quality, makes our neighborhoods more resilient, and brings New Yorkers closer to nature.

The Play Fair Coalition will ask the Mayor and the City Council to direct much needed maintenance and operations funding to the NYC Parks Department. Although City parks make up 14% of NYC’s land, last year the agency only received a meager 0.59% of the total City budget. For too long, parks and gardens have been overlooked as essential infrastructure for healthy neighborhoods: now is the time to demand change and PLAY FAIR for PARKS!

Babe Ruth League Alumni MagazineBabe Ruth League Alumni Magazine

Did you, a friend or family member play in the Babe Ruth Leagues. The Spring 2019 magazine is available now. It's filled with interesting articles, wonderful photos and great information. Click here to download your copy!

Play Ball from MLB and USA Baseball

Play BallPlay Ball is an initiative from MLB and USA Baseball that highlights the many ways baseball can be played, including outside of traditionally organized baseball leagues and tournaments, ranging from playing catch, stickball and Wiffle ball to participating in skills competitions like "Pitch, Hit & Run." serves as its online home, featuring coaching tips, parent resources and health and safety info. It's also a resource to find out how to gets kids involved in Play Ball activities and get links to youth-related news and events, plus searchable maps for local community leagues. Check it out!

Volunteer for MLB All-Star Week

Volunteer for MLB All-Star Weekw

The 2019 MLB All-Star Week is coming to Cleveland. MLB All-Star Week begins  July 5th and we need your help as Cleveland will become the baseball capital of the world. The All-Star Week Volunteer Program is your opportunity to be involved in a World Class event. Signing up for the All-Star Week Volunteer Program is an opportunity to volunteer as a community, with friends and family. The Volunteer Program has something for everyone. Here are some of the areas for which you can be an unpaid volunteer:

  • The World's Largest Indoor/Outdoor Baseball Theme Park
  • Transportation
  • All-Star Hospitality
  • Pre-game Ceremonial Rehearsals 
  • Legends autograph stages, photo ops and Q&A sessions, and more!

Click here for more information!

High Arc Leagues

For inquiries on high arc leagues, please contact UAA member Ralph Munoz at 631-495-6602.