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Statement from Al Morales

UAA is devoted to making sure that every available field is used to further physical activity for all ages, not diminish it. Whether it’s playing softball, soccer, kickball, football or any other sport you love, we support your right to enjoy the city parks.

A variety of sports can coexist in our parks, we just need better management. The Parks Department has been pitting leagues against one another for years now; blaming adult leagues for shortages of fields while they keep fields idle. That hurts everyone. The main issue is the lack of transparency in the permit department and a lack of oversight by the city council. All sports should have equal opportunity and one sport shouldn’t push out another. 

The solution is simple. League organizers must come together, demand transparency and demand involvement in the way fields are allocated and maintained.

The goal of this petition is to stop the Parks Department’s current unofficial practice of reclassifying fields designed for a specific sport and denying permits for the sports meant to be played on those fields. The permit office needs to be transparent about how they are running the department and must allow some public input on how field space is allocated.

We are setting up two forums where organizations can ask the Mayoral and City Council candidates how they will fix the lack of transparency and oversight plaguing our city and parks. 

Please take a minute and sign our petition—together we can make the Parks Department permit office transparent. Help us make NYC Parks safe, fun, and fair for all sports and players.

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Video of Soccer Goal Blocking Left Field

The Baseball/Softball community in NYC needs your member's support!

Please watch the video and help us take back our Baseball/Softball fields.Ask all your members to sign our petition. 

Save East River Park

New Yorkers are fighting to stay housed, fighting to stay fed and fighting to keep their park— East River Park.

We Are Making Progress!

Inside City Hall Broadcast Excerpt 

Discussion with NYC Council Members Carlina Rivera and Keith Powers about proposed flood prevention measures at East River Park.

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We are excited to introduce Fair Play, a coalition for ALL public high school students in NYC to have equal access to athletic fields. Please visit their website for more information.

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The following softball and baseball organizations are active members of the United Athletic Association and are committed to the interests of the baseball and softball players in NYC:

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